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The Lhasa Trilogy

2013 Nautilus Silver Award


The Lhasa Trilogy

Winner of Two 2012 International Book Awards

Fiction / New Age   |   Fiction / Visionary

The Lhasa Trilogy

Winner of Book Cover Design Silver Medal

2012 FPA President's Book Awards

“This intriguing novel by Gary Conrad brings together East and West and shines an interesting light on The Tibetan Book of the Dead and reincarnation. Enjoy it --- I certainly did!”

    —Ram Dass
Author:  Be Here Now

“In this intriguing book, we are transported on a journey from the dark into the light, a pathway we must all take in our quest for the Ultimate Reality.  Highly recommended.”

    —Larry Dossey, M.D.
Author:  Healing Words and The Power of Premonitions

The Lhasa Trilogy is a great story well told. Gary Conrad takes you on a magnificent journey across cultures and across time with scenes so vivid you will think you were there. It is filled with cultural and spiritual insights that will delight you, inform you and inspire you. It is a wonder filled book and worth the read!”

    —D. Franklin Schultz, Ph.D.
Author:  A Language of the Heart

"Gary Conrad's novel tells the fascinating story of the spiritual journey of Matthew Walker Johnson through war and peace, love and death, despair and enlightenment. The book is also a masterful introduction to the tenets of Tibetan Buddhism, using Buddhist teachings to weave together three lives in one of the most innovative plots I have ever encountered. The emotionality of the book touched me deeply."

    —Richard S. Ellis
Author: Blinding Pain, Simple Truth

“Drawing on ancient wisdom, The Lhasa Trilogy is a rich, layered tale that takes us on an intriguing adventure.  Brilliant and insightful.”

    —Joan Korenblit, Respect Diversity Foundation

Gary Conrad has written an imaginative and profoundly wise book. The reader's reward is a feast for both the head and the heart. Enjoy!

Dr. Robin R. Meyers
Author: Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus

“Gary Conrad’s ‘The Lhasa Trilogy’ is a fantastic summer read. The refreshingly original storyline crosses over lifetimes and religions to weave a beautiful story of human redemption and responsibility. Presented in three acts, ‘The Lhasa Trilogy’, shines light on an all-American boy’s journey from youth to a tragedy in mid-life that shapes his destiny. From the heart of America to the mystical depths of Tibet and beyond, ‘The Lhasa Trilogy’ delivers an exciting and unique journey. A highly recommended read!”

    —USA Book News