God is everywhere

There’s nowhere that He’s not

Whether lofty mountaintops

Verdant forests

Scorching deserts

Frigid arctic ice fields

Moon and stars

Bottom of the sea

Or busy city streets

He is there

Yet, there are times

When the pain of life becomes overwhelming

Tears stream down my cheeks

And I cry out

“Oh, God!  Help me!”

His answer never comes in words

Rather, the wind on my face is His kiss

The warming sun is His comforting embrace

And the earth beneath my feet is His reassurance

If I take the time to breathe

And look inside myself

I also find Him in my heart

Omnipresent, healing, loving

Never apart from me

Never apart from anyone


4 comments to God

  • An old prayer remembered: “Where ever I am, God is. And all is well.”

    It works for me even when I’m in the midst of grieving the loss of a dear friend. She was the last living person who bore witness to my previous life as a child. I need to write through the feelings instead of just wasting hot tears rolling down my cheeks.

    My birthday in a couple of days precipitated these feelings. She transitioned a few days before her 71st birthday and mine is pending. We’d known each other since we were three. She’ll be loved and missed as long as I remain.

    And God is present as my Hubby and dog snore a duet as I write this. I imagine their rhythms are the sounds of the surf rolling in and out as the ocean breathes.

    • Hi Carolyn! What beautiful words. Are you certain you’re not a writer? The loss of a dear friend can be so challenging. Certainly, while I believe that we continue on after death, with that transition we lose all that we know, friends, family, pets, and our comfortable environment. Also, with the loss of someone close to us, we lose the sharing of our mutual experiences, a huge loss. Blessings to you on the death of your close friend, and I believe you are wise to grieve, and grieve deeply. For it is in pain and the tincture of time that you will find healing. Warm regards, Gary

  • I came back to read another blog and found your response. Thank you so much for your kind words. While I will grieve the loss of my dear friend for the remainder of my life, the pain is beginning to lessen with the passage of time.

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