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Someday, I may be cold.

But now, I have warm clothes and a comfortable home.

Someday, my vision may blur.

But now, I see the azure blue of the sky, blades of lush green grass and the soft glow of the morning sun.

Someday, I may be hungry.

But now, I enjoy the taste of good food and the feeling of a full stomach.

Someday, I may lose my sense of smell.

But now, I delight in the aroma of flowers and the fresh scent of air after a rain.

Someday, I may be alone.

But now, I treasure the softness of my wife’s body as we sleep together.

Someday, my hearing may leave me.

But now, I listen to the twitter of birds dancing outside my window.

Someday, the pets I love will no longer be at my side.

But now, I value rubbing their furry heads and seeing the love in their eyes.

Someday, my health will fail.

But now, I appreciate my wellness.

Someday, those I love will die.

But now, I hold each second with them as sacred.

Someday, no one of this earth will be aware that I existed.

But now, many know me.

Someday, when I die, I will leave everything of the Earth behind.

But now, I embrace my life.

In the present moment, someday does not exist.

Only the here and now.

And for that, I am grateful.

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