While you were texting,

you never saw the smile on your loved one’s face,

the twinkle in her eyes,

her arms as she reached out to you,

or heard her caring words.

While you were texting,

precious moments passed by,

ones that could have been shared with others,

ones that could have been filled with meaning.

Instead, you chose to focus your attention on a device,

picking out letters on a sterile, unfeeling keyboard,

ignoring the world around you,

a world that begs you to embrace it,

in all its beauty and complexity.

The glories of technology

can never replace the sparkle of a dewdrop,

the luminous corona of the sun,

the hummingbird as it darts about,

the juicy taste of a ripened peach,

or the smell of freshly-turned earth.

There is an opposite to mindfulness,

and that is:


2 comments to Texting

  • Well, I bought your Oklahoma book tonight but read this poem on your site first. Then read your poem “Someday.” All of a sudden, I think you’re one of my favorite poets – please keep writing them too!

    • Hi David,
      I can’t express to you how much your kind thoughts mean to me. It was great meeting you at the Writers Conference today, and I’ll look forward to connecting with you tomorrow! Best, Gary

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