A Blessing From Above

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“I’m not sure at what point the red-tailed hawk made the transition from simply being a bird I enjoyed watching to something more, something personal. I began to notice when I was in times of duress — more often than not — they would fly over or in front of me. I had the distinct feeling my hawk friend was there to provide me comfort, to let me know that in spite of how bad the circumstances seemed at that given moment, events were happening just the way they should be.”

– From “Oklahoma Is Where I Live”

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  Life is never without issues, though certain events of the recent past have been weighing heavily on me.  Nothing that was dangerous or life threatening, but rather a collection of unsettling annoyances that I was having a difficult time shaking off.  By nature, I am an optimist, but not as of late.

With this background in mind, this morning, as I walked to the front of my home to get the daily paper, I heard a loud screech overhead.  Looking upward, I saw a gloriously majestic hawk flying overhead, and close behind was a second, no doubt its mate. In the brief moment that they flew over me, I felt blessed by their presence, and the burden I felt encumbered with became a little less heavy.  I breathed in and out, knowing once again that the Universe – God – is very aware of me and my current situation, as She is of all of us.

And I felt comforted.

4 comments to A Blessing From Above

  • I believe that was your life bird flying over you to remind you that you must keep looking forward on your walk in life. What is behind you will make your travels become a light that you must always walk toward. Doc, you are blessed with the gift of placing words on paper to bring joy to others. My life friend your words and profession have saved many.

    • Hey Life Friend Mike,
      I am touched by your kind words. Thank you. Likewise, in your work as a police officer, you have helped many who have been in need, oftentimes putting yourself in harm’s way. Mike, you are a brave man. Warm regards, Gary

  • Sue Tarr

    Yes, out of the blue we get a sign that changes our whole perspective! We have much to be grateful for. Beautifully said.
    Spring is here. God’s symbol of renewal is everywhere. Rejoice!

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